When you sign up for service with Green Grease EVERYBODY wins!

Who is
  • The Environment; through reduced pollution
  • National Security; through reduced dependence on foreign oil
  • The Chicagoland Economy; through local job creation and good paying jobs for your customers
Green Grease Environmental’s goal is to provide all fryers of vegetable oil an opportunity to help the United States become both more environmentally friendly and energy secure. We do this by promising that every gallon of your used fryer oil we collect goes into the US energy stream.
Why is it important to keep the grease in the United States?
By doing so you are creating jobs for people right here. People who will spend that money in the community and at local restaurants.. Moreover, by having domestically sourced energy supplies, the United States has greater independence from events overseas.
How does the use of used vegetable oil help reduce pollution?
Bio-fuel production reduces emissions of major greenhouse gases and substances such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, hazardous diesel particulates, and acid rain causing sulfur.
Additionally, by diverting waste cooking oil from landfills, the production of bio-fuels extends the life of your oil and prevents harmful liquid waste from contaminating groundwater supplies.