Waste Oil Collection

When you sign up for service with Green Grease EVERYBODY wins!


Who is everybody?
  • The Environment; through reduced pollution
  • National Security; through reduced dependence on foreign oil
  • The Chicagoland Economy; through local job creation and good paying jobs for your customers

Green Grease Environmental offers your business an opportunity to make a positive change in our environment while adding to your bottom line.
_DSC7436Everyone knows that restaurants are a fast paced, competitive industry.  We recognize that your main priority is not what to do with your used fryer oil.  To that end we want to keep things simple.

  • We will pay you for the opportunity to collect your waste product.
  • We will provide all necessary equipment to service location
  • We will keep your service area impeccably clean
  • We will handle tracking your disposal needs so you can focus on your business
  • We will report to you quarterly on the good you are doing for the environment.

All customers receive a quarterly report showing how much pollution they have offset by recycling their grease


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