Our Story

As so often happens, the path that led us to the grease recycling has been full of happenstance.
The story begins with Anthony Demma and Jim Bricker, two old high school friends catching up sometime in 2007.  It turns out that Jim, an avid environmentalist and constant tinkerer had converted his old Mercedes to run on used fryer oil.  This presented Jim with a bit of a problem though as there were no grease filling station for his automobile.  Jim, never being one to let an obstacle get in his way decided to approach local restaurants about acquiring their used fryer oil.  What Jim found was that restaurants were all too happy to stop paying for the removal of their “garbage” and allow him to take it away for free.  The seeds were thus planted for what would become Waste Oil Recyclers (WOR).  Jim soon found that he was overwhelmed with restaurants that would like him to remove their grease, at no charge.  To make a long story shorter, Anthony and another friend wound up loaning Jim money to purchase his first truck.  That first truck and Jim (with the help of many people along the way) went on to become a very successful recycling business.

In 2011, frustrated with the lack of attractive investments in the broader marketplace and looking to invest with a social conscious, Anthony approached Jim about replicating his business model here in Chicago. Jim embraced the idea of bringing his message of improving the environment, creating local jobs and helping to secure America’s energy independence to another major metropolitan area.  In 2012 Maureen Demma formed Green Grease Environmental and so began the journey.

_DSC7406Our goal is to make the recycling of grease into energy for domestic consumption the standard for fryer oil disposal in the Chicagoland area.

Will you help us to do good for the environment, local economy and country’s future???

Employee Bios


Anthony Demma


“Tony” is a lifelong resident of the Chicagoland area. He grew up in the south suburbs and graduated from H-F High School. After a year of junior college and manual labor jobs, he decided to pursue a university education. He attended Northern Illinois University where he played ice hockey, joined a social fraternity and studied history. Upon
completion of his bachelors degree he took a job in the financial industry in downtown Chicago. After bouncing around for a few years he settled into a career at the Chicago Board of Trade. Ultimately, Tony would become an electronic trader of commodity futures and found Windy City Asset Management. In the last few years he has begun to transition into an investor roll with an emphasis on green, socially conscious start ups. Green Grease is one such investment. Tony and wife Maureen live in the SW Suburbs with their four children (ages 1-8) and two dogs.


John Doyle

Shop Manager/ Driver

John is a native Chicagoan and is a shop manager and driver. John developed a strong sense of devotion for the environmental sector as an avid mountain biker and trail runner. This experience gave him a deep appreciation for the environment and how we must improve the quality of life for our region.


Todd Galpin

Sales and Set-ups

Todd grew up in the Florida panhandle, and graduated from the University of Florida with degrees in Sociology and Education. Todd worked for Clean Energy Biofuels in Atlanta, GA from 2007 to 2011. Clean Energy Biofuels is a grease collection company, biodiesel plant, and public fuel station. Todd worked on the collection and processing side of the company, where he helped the company grow its restaurant customer base, as well as implement its waste oil processing system. In the summer of 2011, Todd and his wife Mara moved to Chicago. While it was difficult to part ways with the Clean Energy Biofuels crew, Todd is thrilled to have found a new home in the grease/biofuels industry with us. A lifelong fan of classic cars and trucks, Todd purchased his first classic car, a 1977 Mercedes 300d diesel, in 2002. Since then, he’s owned both Mercedes, Ford, and VW diesels.


Scott Lovell

Operation Manager

ScottScott majored in Electrical Engineering Technologies at Purdue and spent 10 years as a Telecommunications Engineer at the CME Group and then Alcatel-Lucent. At the tail end of 2004, he left the telecommunications world and went to work as a Junior Trader for a well-known Chicago commodity trading firm. In 2005, he was promoted to the dual role of Option Hedger/Operations Manager in the agricultural trading group, were he spent the next 7 years. In early 2014, Scott was persuaded to join Green Grease. In his new role as Operations Manager, Scott is an invaluable ”jack-of-all-trades” type who has great passion for all things technical or mechanical. Especially mustangs…he loves drag racing mustangs. He sometimes lays awake late at night pondering the great mysteries of the universe,for example,could a bio-diesel powered engine be fitted to a Mustang???


Waste Oil Recyclers


“WOR” is the foundation from which Green Grease has been built. They collect, process and sell used fryer oil exclusively to be used in bio fuels in the United States. They have a footprint along the greater Atlantic Seaboard with a concentration in the Philadelphia area. They currently employee 25 people in their mission of making our country more energy independent and environmentally conscious.